What is a Liposomal Delivery System?

Liposomes are tiny, fat-soluble vehicles for carrying nutrients to the body’s cells. Liposomal supplements are made from lecithin-extracts rich in phospholipids. When mixed with water, phospholipids form microscopic, tiny vesicles. The centre of a liposome is filled with water and active ingredients dissolved in the water (i.e., Vitamin C).

What are the advantages of Liposomal Supplements?

Supplements in a liposomal form can deliver a higher concentration of a nutrient or active substance to the specific part of the body. They are more efficiently absorbed and more bioavailable. In addition to delivering the active ingredient, the liposome also fuses with the cell membrane, which adds more phospholipids to help with cellular repair.

The liposomal formation is under strict process control and quality testing. The following methods are performed on each batch to ensure uniformity of the active compound, proper particle size and formation of the liposome.

1. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

Prairie Naturals manufacturer uses a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis in-house, to verify the concentration of the active substances found in the Lipomatrix preparation. Each batch of the liposomal liquid is analyzed by this HPLC method to ensure no settling occurs and that a homogenized, uniform dose of the active compound is present. The liposomal liquids are re-checked at specific time periods to guarantee long-term liposomal stability.

2. Transmission Electron Microscopic (TEM) Analysis

An important method for the characterization of size and shape of liposomes, the TEM can directly visualize single particles and even their inner architecture.

Prairie Naturals Liposome Manufacturing Process

A proprietary process involving high-speed rotation and requiring no harsh solvents (only natural glycerin) and no heat. High-quality liposomes are produced with equal distribution and standardized liposome size.  Each batch of Prairie Naturals liposomal liquid is analyzed by this high-end microscopic process to ensure the active compound is in the proper liposomal form.

Vitamin C – how important is it?

Vitamin C functions as a powerful antioxidant and acts as an essential nutrient supporting the body’s brain health, immune system, energy levels, skin health and beauty, cardiovascular system and much more.

Who needs Extra Vitamin C?

Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C is one of the most important water-soluble vitamins. All humans require external sources of vitamin C – as we simply cannot make our own supply.

Plus, certain groups of individuals require higher amounts of vitamin C, these include:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Those with digestive issues leading to poor absorption
  • The elderly, given stomach acid and absorption decrease with age
  • Seniors, students, and others who may be eating a less-varied diet
  • Those who, when increasing their dose of vitamin C, experience gut problems
  • People with intestinal inflammation i.e., IBD, Crohn’s, colitis, celiac disease

Not all vitamin C supplements are made the same. The most absorbable form of Vitamin C is wrapped in liposomes to deliver vitamin C directly to the cells.

7 Benefits of Lipomatrix Liquid Vitamin C 1000mg

Prairie Naturals Lipomatrix Liquid Vitamin C employs an advanced liposomal technology which:

  1. Prevents premature breakdown of vitamin C in the gastrointestinal tract
  2. Reduces the potential for G.I. distress associated with traditional oral vitamin C
  3. Creates a slow-release effect for enhanced absorption of Vitamin C
  4. Efficiently transports vitamin C molecules across the gut membrane and into the cells
  5. Enhances vitamin C concentration in blood, cells, and lymphatic system
  6. Requires less frequent dosing to maintain continuous high levels in the cells
  7. Enables usage of elevated doses of vitamin C for extended periods of time

Lipomatrix Liquid Vitamin C 1000mg provides:

  1. High-quality, buffered vitamin C: non-GMO, gluten -free, dairy-free, and vegan
  2. More absorbable and bioavailable
  3. Great taste with natural orange oil – no artificial flavours or colours
  4. Free of harmful solvents found in some liposomal preparations
  5. Quality tested to ensure stability and purity
Prairie Naturals Liquid Vitamin C 1000 mg Lipomatrix Solution

About the Author: Prairie Naturals Team


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