Herbal Support to Proactively Deepen Your Immunity

Health is wealth – and these days it feels more critical than ever! A key approach to defending yourself and your family is to be proactive in supporting the body’s own natural defenses by building strong immune systems, so you can get out in front of infections. Preventative plant medicine can help boost your body’s ability to naturally fight off illness.

Immunity 101

Our immune system is a complex network of tissue and cells found all throughout the body – divided into two categories: innate (proactive) and adaptive (reactive) immune responses.

  • We’re born with innate immunity that acts as a first line of immune defense. It performs an immediate general response to perceived threats and defends the body in most cases.
  • Our adaptive or selective immunity is developed through life. It involves specialized immune cells and antibodies created through previous exposures that react to specific invaders.

Herbs offer powerful support in fortifying these crucial immune responses against illness and infection – and adaptogenic herbs are particularly beneficial for proactively strengthening your innate immunity.

The Adaptogen – Immunity Connection

A balanced immune system is your strongest immune system; if it is overactive, there can be excess inflammation and strong reactions (eg. to some allergens), while if it is underactive, one is vulnerable to infections.

What makes adaptogens so effective in immune support is their ability to increase the body’s general resistance to threats by adapting their function to what the body needs for its systems to regulate back to its balanced, strongest state.

Adaptogens are unique therapeutic plants backed by both centuries of traditional use and modern research and are the foundation of the St. Francis Herb Farm® Deep Immune® daily formula.

These are some of the adaptogens found in the St. Francis Herb Farm® Deep Immune®:

  • Reishi – a highly valued mushroom in Traditional Chinese Medicine that lowers the effects of stress and modulates immune system responses.
  • Astragalus – boosts immunity by strengthening both innate and adaptive immunity for a robust defensive system.
  • Siberian ginseng (Eleuthero) – traditionally used to increase stamina, it boosts overall health and improves mental and physical performance under stressful conditions.
  • Licorice – considered “the great harmonizer” in traditional Chinese medicine, amplifies the healing qualities of all the ingredients.

You may hear about the benefits of individual herbs and how they can boost immune health but knowing which are best and what dosages to take can be hard to figure out.

St. Francis Herb Farm® Deep Immune® takes the guesswork out, as the ultimate herbal immunity support blend that brings together the right amounts of 8 powerful therapeutic herbs that work in synergy – meaning they are more effective together than on their own.

St. Francis Herb Farm® Deep Immune® Kids is a safe and effective formula that stimulates improved immune function in children, containing only astragalus and codonopsis. We know how quickly a cough can travel around a classroom!

These daily formulas make it simple to help ensure you and your family are prepared and protected!

Herbal prevention is easy to add to your daily routine, just take St. Francis Herb Farm® Deep Immune® tincture twice daily with water or with the convenient Deep Immune® capsules.

Be prepared, with the ideal all-around daily protective tonic that fortifies, balances, and supports the immune system. Give yourself protection and peace of mind and strengthen your natural defences with St. Francis Herb Farm’s Deep Immune® as a part of your daily routine.St. Francis Herb Farm Deep Immune

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